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[ 30 Jan 2011|10:15am]


First we have the Assholeparade live 10". Why should I convince you to buy this at all? Well its a live recording from when they played Germany. Recorded off the soundboard and then premastered and mastered down to vinyl at Lucky Lacquers to make it sound crystal clear. Gold foil stamped covers, limited pink copies. This isn't just a lofi crappy live recording, this might even sound better than the actual show did!

Next is the new Charogne Stone EP. I've only sold one of these in the two weeks I've had this, think people don't know this is out. French straight-edge powerviolence (I think its more like superfast punk violence). Best record of theirs I've heard yet. Pretty rad packaging and pretty vinyl.

Conga Fury/Shitstorm split repress is fresh in here. Sold through the first 500 copies like it was free money. All copies are on the weird gray marbled or purpley marbled vinyl. Conga Fury is crazy spastic noise punk hailing from Japan. Shitstorm is furious grindcore from Miami, this is their first and to this date only recording with Eric playing bass on it. 500 more copies and then this thing will be gone forever.

Last and definitely not least is the Magnum Force EP. This record kills everything. Grindcore very much ala Magrudergrind. Also this is the first TLAL release to come with a download code, DIY style. Super heavy covers, all on black vinyl, real grind form AZ. Do yourself a favor on this one.

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Direct Sales [ 27 Sep 2010|03:51pm]

Please have a look at my sales, after a fair few flakey buyers and some genuine buyers with issues I am finding myself yet again in a tight spot!

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[ 25 Jul 2010|01:19pm]

I was recently given a collection of LPs to sell. I haven't gone through them to check each individual condition, but if you see something here that might be of interest; let me know and I'll get back to you with some details. I'm selling these LPs as is because I don't have a record player to play them. I can give you details on the covers and the records by looking at them though. Really trying to clear these out because their taking up space. Feel free to make offers. It's a long list so I put it behind a cut.

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Sick/Tired - Highlife LP out now! ex Mk-Ultra, powerviolence [ 14 May 2010|11:54am]


Ripping, crushing, gnarling angular powerviolence with distinct hardcore and punk influences. Twenty minutes of music to dispel all the annoyances in your life. The music matches the artwork.. the moment you plunge your needle into this record you're whisked away to another place filled with slinky demons and cachinnating skulls. Sick/Tired is ex MK-ULTRA and WEEKEND NACHOS. You will not be disappointed.

MP3: http://freedownloads.last.fm/download/390487701/Last%2BStand%2Bfor%2Ba%2BDeadman.mp3

Ordering info: http://tolivealie.com/blog/2010/05/14/out-now-sicktired-highlife-lp/
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Сайт с бесплатными битами [ 30 Mar 2010|07:53am]
Народ цените мой сайт с бесплатными Рэп Битами http://freebeats.ru/


На сайте есть как Микстейп биты Так и Нужные всем Авторские. . . Все абсолютно бесплатно. . . + Ко всему все желающие могут размещать на сайте свои биты. . . Хочу сделать нечто типо банка битов. . .=)
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Hummingbird of Death - Show Us The Meaning Of Haste CD+ out now!! [ 23 Jul 2009|10:54pm]


Once you think you know a band, something like this comes along. Don't get me wrong, there is still tight whirlwind blasting from these Boise boys, but what fastcore release have you ever heard of that has twenty two songs in thirty minutes? HOD has development full songs for this offering and they have really created complete album. The band's 5" and 7" really display tight drumming and amazing skill between quite a large number of songs, but this release is fully orchestrated... they even slow down and play mid-paced parts in this! The entire release never stops for a second; for fans of THE NEOS, LARM, D.R.I., NO COMMENT, and CROSSED OUT. Exclusive to this CD is bonus enhanced CD material including but not limited to a live video from their set at the Gilman Speed Trials.

More info/MP3: http://tolivealie.com/releases/tlal28.html

Purchase: http://tolivealie.com/webstore/
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[ 02 Dec 2008|08:27am]

(hollister sweaters, polos & logo tees; boots, LAMB)

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I was interested [ 31 Jan 2007|04:07pm]

[ mood | :D ]

in getting rid of some of my vinyls that i don't listen to, so let me know if you're interested and we'll work things out.

vinyls!!! for sale/trade.Collapse )

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[ 09 Jan 2007|01:48pm]

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100's of punk/rock/77/oi! records for sale [ 21 Nov 2006|07:42pm]

me and my fiance are selling our record collection cause we no longer collect like we used to and we need the money.
these are all our punk/rock/77/oi! LP's, we are starting to catalogue our 7 inches so check back every once in a while.
things like......
new york dolls, minor threat, turbo negro, the virus, casualties, angelic upstarts, the jam, cocksparrer, sex pistols, generation X, US bombs, dead boys.

HUNDREDS of records, 95% in mint condition and original pressings. we've collected for the last 7-8 years from USA and England.

here's is a link to our growing list plus pricing off of gemm.com
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Slim-fitting short-sleeved polo shirt in our breathable and durable cotton mesh.
Two-button applied placket, ribbed polo collar and armbands, uneven vented hem.
Our embroidered polo player or monogram accents the chest. Our embroidered vintage year accents the hem. Monogrammed polos are embroidered with our polo player at the hem.
100% cotton. Machine washable.
Given as a gift, worn 3 times tops each.

bought in 1 of the 9 stores that exist in the whole world at $78

Sells in stores for $69.00.
my friends got them for me from the store but they seem a little snug
15 inches across and 22.5 inches long from the collar

POLOS HERECollapse )


Please be reasonable! I desperately need the money which is why I'm selling these..
add around $3-4 shipping.
contact justmesmerized@NOSPAMgmail.com
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[ 14 Sep 2006|03:26pm]

Hey, I just wanted to let all the LP collectors know that my boss has talked me into posting 24654687684 (a ton) of his records on ebay. They're all going for really cheap and you get a free gift for multiple purchases so go check it out!

ebay listings
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[ 21 Jul 2006|04:42pm]

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[ 11 Jun 2006|06:21pm]
Rare Xiu Xiu LP up for sale on Ebay.

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ALL ITEMS MUST GO!! [ 18 May 2006|08:49pm]
ALL ITEMS MUST GO, if not satisfied with price, let me know and offer something!

http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/justmesmerized/my_photos <== HERE or ==>

xsellsmc xsellsmc xsellsmc xsellsmc xsellsmc xsellsmc xsellsmc xsellsmc xsellsmc

contact justmesmerized@gmail.com


TOPS: guess, aero, charlotte russe, gap, vintage, ann taylor, calvin, dkny, oxfords, cardigans, halters, sweaters, AND MORE!

TOPS HERECollapse )

BOTTOMS: BEBE, Hollister, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Gap, Aeropostale, Levis, Mudd, and MORE
Jeans, Capris, SKIRTS, shorts, and more


I have four beautiful dresses, 3 new and never worn before and one fabulous dress worn once.


Beautiful formal flats, simple and stylish, perfect for a night out

SHOES HERECollapse )

BAGS: a tote, a few purses, and a makeup bag

BAGS HERECollapse )

Please email: justmesmerized@gmail.com if interested or leave a message.
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